Testing Animation and Projection

Art 610, steps

Here I rendered the scanned files through Final Cut Pro, and overlaid them with the composite multiply on top of an appropriated painting found through google search.

Here is an earlier attempt at the final goal of projecting the animation onto a painted canvas.


Artist Statement – In Progress

Art 610, steps

Using a combination  of traditional and digital media, I explore animation and the ideas of white culture and its use of cultural  appropriation. The Character Og is a figure to be associated with the Hawaiian goddess Pele and her mythical curse. He is a spirit who’s duty is to possess any piece of stolen stone or rock and bring out Pele’s wrath in the form of distraction and bad luck. Throughout the  piece Og can be seen in these instances of misfortune where he attacks items that are commonly associated with an individuals identity.

The media used to accomplish this piece includes color pencil, graphite, oil paints on canvas,  and digital software. The finished images are rendered into short animated clips that are meant to be projected onto painted canvas, with additional digitally created images. A further goal is to have an additional animation that when displayed through projection seems to interact with three-dimensional objects.

The common theme of identity and its place in the investigation of what white culture is in the United States, and how the melting pot has been flavored with a variety of  cultures; and how those cultures have been reformed through commercial capitalism and pop culture. This can be seen specifically thought the adaption of the Polynesian culture in the 40’s and 50’s with tiki culture.

Keyframes and Storyboarding

Art 610, steps

Here are a few ideas and possible scenes that may be animated where Og is attacking the items that are commonly associated with a persons identity.

Eating car keys

Hide yo keys #og #keyframes #animation #art #sketches

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Moving a wallet

Hide yo wallet #og #animation #sketch #art #keyframes

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Knocking over a kids building blocks…okay okay, this was more for expression and character development, and a bit of fun.

Boom #og #keyframe #animation #sketch #art #woops

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chewing on a power cable or cord, inspired by our dog Echo who was craving metal one day.

Crunch #og #animation #sketch #art #keyframe #mac

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and breaking a mirror, even though he was happy and smiling he broke it by looking at it, this is also a common symbol of bad luck.

The Investigation of Culture

Art 610

The process of developing Og, and finding how he fits into the concept of culture and the appropriation of culture has led to questions of “why”; why does cultural appropriation happen, why –in my experience– is the act of cultural appropriation completed by white americans. Is it the lacking of a visible white culture, or the lack of a strong rooted tradition in the US. Is that why so much of eastern cultures (Polynesian) have been turned into novelty and commercialized items.

These are just questions I have begun asking.

Developing Og

Art 610, steps

More #sketches of Og #characterdesign #character #art #sketch

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Og demands to be #drawn #chalkboard #art #characterdesign

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Og, Servant of Pele

Art 610, steps

Meet Og, bringer of destruction and bad luck, servant of the goddess Pele, she who curses any man who dares to steal from her home.


Proposal for Art 610 semester

Art 610

Revision 1 9/3:

With a traditionally rooted background in the classical forms of the arts – drawing and painting – and an education in digital forms and techniques of art, my goal is to find and carve my place using both analog and digitals tools to produce a video. Part of this project will use multiple media and techniques outside of the more common forms of animation. I will use hand drawn, and hand painted cells compiled into a single animation. the second half of the is project is the realization of a twisted an altered myth, using the individual items and prices from this work to prove evidence for the vitality and truth of this myth. The myth that will be created is a variation on the Pele’s Curse; the variation being her servant Og who caries out her curse of bad luck.
The media I plan on using are: pencil, oil paints, clay, canvas, paper software, laptop, and a projector. I possess the majority of these resources but am lacking in the technical skill of combining images into a video, and the means of actual projection.
I hope to gain new skills and greater use of software, and an understanding of these media and the required technical skills.

Projected time frame

week 2-4 work on panes for proof of concept, research/create myth or creature for final work, research methods of projection

week 3-5 work on panel back grounds and begin building on main figures

week 4-6 write story/myth, work on main panels, test proof of concept, name work

week 6-7 begin digitizing frames, acquisition of sound files

week 8-9 compile slides into a playable format, painted touch ups as necessary

week 9-10 test main piece

week 11-15 show works?

Over the course of the semester and the art 610 class, I plan on assembling a series of works that merge the analog arts with the digital arts taking the form of storyboarding and animation. By using canvas, oil paint, digital photography, and projection I hope to tell the story of a myth. This exploration is a means to learn and discover ways of merging the more classically considered finearts with the technical digital arts. The individual storyboarding cells will be individual canvases which will be photographed or scanned, then compiled into a film that will show the progressions between the canvases. 

The myth or story that will be used to explore this media compilation has yet to be decided on, or possibly created; it should follow some element of humanity, as most myths do, and may be told in writing form with evidence shown through the video. Using the inspiration of another artist work regarding the documentation of a monster she created, this series may be presented as evidence of a myth or monster in relation to the ‘Pele’s Curse.

The materials that will be used will be: stretched canvas for painting on, oil paints, clay and stone,digital camera or scanner, projector, painted canvas to be projected onto, laptop and software.

Recomended Viewing

Art 511, Art 511 Cartography, Final Work

The representation of an intimate space, a space that was not mine, but a place that held memories and served as the background for the stories that were observed. Over the course of the year, the living room was a place that allowed for the watching of movies and TV shows. Like the room itself the walls and floors served as a  backdrop for the films, and so do they here allowing for the  display of the synopsis of he films watched over the past year.