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Art 410 Project, Final Work

Over the course of the semester my ides about what constitutes art has been broadened. Prior to this class when discussing my major, the description of my work was very simple. Now i can honestly give the most unsatisfying answer to the question “what kind of art do you do?”, the answer being a little bit of everything. I can paint with robots and a computer, sculpt in plaster and plastic using a 3D printer, and i can compose and infinitely large graphic. with the exposure of the assignments there is very little i can not do in the advancing world of art.

in the First assignment, for  me, was about the conceptualization of design and interaction.


The second was about broadening my ideas about the presentation and the visibility of art.

kite amzng hope diamond

The second half of the class became less conceptualization and became more about the ways technology has changed and how its becoming more practical to apply to the arts, and how to manipulate those new techs. so that i can have a basic understanding of how they work.

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3D Souvenir

Art 410 Project, steps

For my 3D printed project the goal is to work with the concept of memory and souvenir. Im interested in the aspect of motion and memory.

Im working with the idea of a moving object like a zoetrope.


While playing witht tinker cade I’ve use the idea of bubbles to shape the design and the idea of playing with an internal light source.


Body modification: Work in Progress

Art 410 Project, steps

The original image was crooked and had a an undesirable background,

screenshot 3

so i removed it — using a quick mask — and rotated the image to make it more level

.screenshot 2

in need of a background i created a layer of a single colored rectangle and then used the quick mask on a set of gills, tweeked it using skew and warp, and then did a color replacement


Response: As We May Think, Vannevar Bush

Art 410 Project

Vannevar Bush (1890-1974) was most definitely ahead of his time with inventions like the Memex, and his concepts for photography. Mr. Bush was truly able to think out side the box and into the future of information storage. While his inventions may not have been developed, the ideas behind them certainly have grown further than he may have imagined. in place of a desk that retains information the average person now possesses some type of computer — whether its a laptop, desktop, or phone — and access to a world of information. this advance in technology as Bush pointed out is largely due to the ability to manufacture the parts economically. his ideas on the advancement of cameras, are still in the making as well, but over all his predictions on our technological present have been quite accurate.

It brings to question of what Vannevar Bush would say was in store for the next sixty years. With climate changes, population booms, and socio political upheaval, the world will be experiencing a new need for technological development. this technological development could take the form of the bio-dome theory either on a planet that will undergo tera-forming or under the ocean leading to the mapping of the sea floor. there is no doubt that in sixty years the weapons of today will look lie toys as people continue to find better ways of killing one another.  these new weapons could in fact mirror those found in video games like Hale, and Star Wars, where they discharge energy in place of physical matter. As long as the robots don’t become sentient and try to take over the world the next sixty years should bing some technological wonders.

Body Modification: Notes 2

Art 410 Project

      gill implants to support aquatic life. goggles. fin implants along  legs, webbed gloves that extend to the proximal philangie. info pacific sail fish. the bones of the fins would fit into notches along the bone

 gills would be surgically connected either external gills like the axolotl or internal gills like a fish.

Indo-Pacific Sailfish2