Final Proposal

Art 511 Digital Video

For my final project I want to do something absurd and fun,  perhaps cutting clips and using a mixture of found video  and homemade how to videos.


Projection Panels

Art 610, steps

Here are the two 24″ by 36″ painted canvases in a gradation of red and blue using oil and acrylic paint. Both canvas received an acrylic wash of red or blue which was allowed to drip. The final layer of oil paint was then applied using paint thinner and linseed oil as a mixing medium; the colors used were ivory black, titanium white, and alizarin crimson or permanent blue.

Here is a link to the tutorial for the basis of the technique used to apply the paint.

Goals and ToDo’s for the rest of the semester

Art 610

Edit* The reming time of the semester will be used to finish the key animation, redo the chewing animation, record audio for all animations, and hopefully animate and construct a projection background for the wall animation. The story of Og may be sidelined for the research paper as well as the wall projection depending on time.

Goals and ToDo’s for the rest of the semester:

A-Finish last two animations in Illustrator: Keys and Mirror (2 weeks)

B-Redo the Chewing animation in Illustrator (1 week)

C-Record audio for animation loops: crunching cables, walking, sliding, cracking, jangling, running and jumping. (1 week)

D-Paint canvases for projection : 2 @ 24″x36″ (1 week)

E-Print large poster(1 Week)

F-Begin work on Wall Animation using a ball, pure data as the projection software (? weeks)

G-Build bass relief for wall animation: cardboard panels and paper mace, painted white. (2 weeks)

H-Refine and smooth out animations (time allowing)

I-Install/show work

J-Write the story of Og