Out line for the Research

Art 610, Artist Reasearch


what my work is – a critique of cultural appropriation as a way to develop a ‘cultural history’, specifically the idea of paradise  and a simplified style of living as being prefered to the reality of life in the united states.

reasoning and questions being asked with my work – looking at white culture, desire for paradise, the illusion of the “golden age thinking”,

segment of my artist statement?


graphic novels and origins

adaptations with technology


the anthropologists use of animation and graphic novels – new way of presenting ideas

use in analysing and representing culture

as a lense that can influence concept and context – how it influences my views and the difficulty i have separating the theories from the work

artists working with similar concepts and methods, inspiration

the primitive

picasso, desmoin – early use of primitivism

the creation of myth

merav tzur – the ego monster – source of inspiration and influence for my work and the presentation of evidence


using anthropologie as a cultural statement

undiscovered amerindians  visit london may 1992 – artists using art and performance as a critique of primitivistic and western superiority – artist creating a faux arch dig site to circumvent


New Mexico


a meshing of what i want my work to be with the mentioned artists and a restating of the questions i’m asking


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