Keyframes and Storyboarding

Art 610, steps

Here are a few ideas and possible scenes that may be animated where Og is attacking the items that are commonly associated with a persons identity.

Eating car keys

Hide yo keys #og #keyframes #animation #art #sketches

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Moving a wallet

Hide yo wallet #og #animation #sketch #art #keyframes

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Knocking over a kids building blocks…okay okay, this was more for expression and character development, and a bit of fun.

Boom #og #keyframe #animation #sketch #art #woops

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chewing on a power cable or cord, inspired by our dog Echo who was craving metal one day.

Crunch #og #animation #sketch #art #keyframe #mac

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and breaking a mirror, even though he was happy and smiling he broke it by looking at it, this is also a common symbol of bad luck.


The Investigation of Culture

Art 610

The process of developing Og, and finding how he fits into the concept of culture and the appropriation of culture has led to questions of “why”; why does cultural appropriation happen, why –in my experience– is the act of cultural appropriation completed by white americans. Is it the lacking of a visible white culture, or the lack of a strong rooted tradition in the US. Is that why so much of eastern cultures (Polynesian) have been turned into novelty and commercialized items.

These are just questions I have begun asking.

Developing Og

Art 610, steps

More #sketches of Og #characterdesign #character #art #sketch

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Og demands to be #drawn #chalkboard #art #characterdesign

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Og, Servant of Pele

Art 610, steps

Meet Og, bringer of destruction and bad luck, servant of the goddess Pele, she who curses any man who dares to steal from her home.