Robotic Artists

Artist Reasearch

The use of robotics has finally breached he scientific wall and ventured into the realm of art. the following two artists and their works show just how varied the use of robotics can be, from being the creators of the art to bing the apart of the final presentation, robotics is another tool artist can add to their creative arsenal.

Matthias Dörfelt – Robo Faber & Mechanical parts

Matthias has created a small bot that uses a fine-tipped sharpie and an algorithm to create art. The bot moves on two wheels and has a pen in the center that is raised and lowered according to the algorithm and series of functions it is carrying out. an interesting concept presented by Matthias is that these drawings produced by Robo Faber will be the same, and thirty years hence will represent the way he was thinking today; the bot will never improve or change its technique, it is essential frozen in its manner of reproduction.

Bot & Dolly – The Box

the other way that robotics are being used in the art world is in the presentation of the art. In The Box the robotic element is the “dancing” and the choreography between the projectors and the arms which are holding two blank, i repeat BLANK panels. The almost magical imagery shown is produced by the seamless moment of the arms and the projectors and the ability to communicate using the soft wear IRIS which was created by Bot & Dolly..


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