3D Printing

Artist Reasearch

Jonty Hurwitz – Trust

Jonty Hurwitz used a scanner, model and 3D printer to make a reproduction, but not just any reproduction. He made microscopic reproductions of his models that were able to sit in the eye of a needle, or a pice of hair, and the head of an ant. the were so small he managed to lose them shortly after acquiring an electro microscope to photograph them. The 3D printer is used to push the limits of scale in human sculptures.


Julien Marie – <<Relief>>

Using a 3D printer Marie produces an animation of sorts depicting a man shoveling dirt. The project comprise eighty-five small printed sculptures on a clear plastic track and a light projector to create a film without using any film. this concept goes back to the idea of the zoetrope where a set of sculptures or images change gradually and with the application of strobe lighting or rapid switching between images the object appears to move. With this pice the use of a 3D printer is merely a means to producing the finished work known as <<Relief>>.



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