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Art 410 Project, Final Work

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Culture Jamming

Artist Reasearch

culture jamming is more than a preservation movement. it it the act of signal interruption, taking a message, usually something commercial, political or public and using it to boost a message or cause. drawing on the gorilla girls as an example the use and appropriation of media and the strength that a small, like minded group, can have. by using a historical work of art, a symbol, and a quick hook the guerrilla girls were able to voice their cause.


in order to make a movement known all that is truly required, according to the article Empire of Signs, is a few people who think alike and a photocopier. what power lies in making an effort and speaking about a topic if that is all that is required. this is essential all that was used in the work “and Babies” a news quote and a photograph combined with the ability to reprint. the group even took advantage of the painting Guernica to make their message even more powerful by using its history and meaning.


the one thing that does not seem to fit is the idea of essentially graffitiing a billboard and calling it culture jamming. but this may be what the New York artist Banksy was doing whit his spray painted works. using the blank walls of buildings as a canvas to voice his social and political opinions. at what point does graffiti become art and what point is graffiti accepted?