Body Modification : Notes 1

Art 410 Project

limbs- arms (for arms, hands, fingers), legs (thighs, forelegs, feet, toes) , torso (spine, organs, ribs, genitals and reproductive), head (neck, mouth, eyes, ears, nose, hair), tail (bace of the spine)

merging with animal parts, mechanical animal parts in place of organic.

connecting the neurological synapses whit electronic equipment

maintaining the new limbs features

animals- avian (wings, tail feathers, beaks), reptilian (skin, teeth, regrowth, tongue), insect/arachnid  (web,mandibles, wings, eyes, fangs) mammalian (claws, fur, teeth, ears) fish (fins, gills, pincers,)

posing – two figures interacting with each other, one unaltered, the other with body mods.

amy mullens


move the nerve and muscle endings to a single location that would allow for the mechanics to be “plugged in” to the biological body

faun —

mechanical prosthetics connected at the knee. height would not change. hooves at the bace of legs? human muscles of the thigh would be larger due to way the prosthetic operates. the tibia is shortened (mid bone of the leg)



il_fullxfull.224315334 il_fullxfull.224315986


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