Body Modification: Cyborgs

Art 410 Project

The human body, in its design, is a marvelous thing. capable of slight regeneration and healing, interacting with the surrounding world, and is largely self sufficient—being able to survive with reliance on few things. However, these capabilities are surpassed not only by other species but by the rapid development of new technologies. What if the wold as we knew it no longer existed but in its place was a dystopia, where human hybrids were an everyday occurrence, and the nine to five no longer existed? What if the overlying structure of society collapsed and left the peoples of the world with limited connections? In this post-societal and post-apocalyptic world the modification of the human body is not just an esthetic idea but one of necessity.

This series will explore the idea of scientifically adapting and altering the human body to  allow humans to continue to exist.


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